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Glock 18 For Sale | Glock 18 Price | Glock 18 – Fully automatic 9mm

Glock 18 for sale, as a true fully automatic pistol the G18 is one of the most specialized GLOCK pistols. With an external fire selector at the rear of the slide, you can switch from semi-automatic to full-automatic firing mode. It comes with an extended 19-round magazine and can provide greater firepower with the optional 33-round magazine. The rate of fire in full-automatic mode is approximately 20 rounds per second. Released in 1987 the pistol has the same characteristics as other previous models and the frame size of the service pistol classic G17.

The Glock 18 price is matte black in color. It has maintenance stripes placed at the front and at the back of the stock, a rectangular trigger guard ending in a point on its lower part, and, at the front, the rear sight and fixed sight.

Glock 18c

We find the marking of the model on the left front of the barrel. This is compensated. It is thus longer on the Glock 18 for sale because extended from the compensator, than on the Glock 18C. The fire selector is on the left side of the carcass.
– Operation: single action and free burst – Ammunition: caliber 9 × 19 mm Parabellum – Total length: – Glock 18: 22.4cm – Glock 18C: 18.6cm – Barrel length: – Glock 18: 13.4 cm (compensator not included) – Glock 18C: 11.4cm – Magazine capacity: 17/19/31/33 rounds – Mass of the weapon with an empty magazine: – Glock 18: 700g – Glock 18C: 670g – Mass of the weapon with a full magazine: – Glock 18: 900 (17 rounds) at 1,180 g (33 rounds) – Glock 18 C: 875 g (17 rounds) to 1,150 g (33 rounds) – The theoretical rate of fire: 1100-1300 rounds per minute – Initial projectile velocity: 330-400 meters per second
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